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Make the next right move with Allegro

In a fast-moving, high-risk business, having a 360° view of the business is essential to optimize value, minimize risk and remain relevant. In short, you need real-time intelligence to create forward-looking decisions, along with position transparency to support trader performance and compliance.

Allegro Commodity Management helps companies that trade in commodities gain end-to-end business visibility to make snap decisions, based on real-time information from data feeds and systems all around the world. In one system of record, our solution gives you the ability to flawlessly execute on value-creating, real-time decisions in the acquisition, storage, transportation, optimization and sale of any commodity class. From production to consumption, you gain position transparency, trader performance and compliance functionality you need to stay one step ahead of the game.

See into the market, read the movements and capture the right information, at the right time – then, make the next right move. See what's next with Allegro.