Allegro Development Corporation

About Allegro

Allegro powers your ability to manage positions, optimize portfolios and mitigate risk across any commodity business.

With more than 30 years of deep industry expertise, Allegro is the global leader in commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) solutions for multiple commodity types, including petroleum, natural gas, power, and coal. Our commodity trading and risk management software is designed to deliver the fastest realization of business objectives in the business. With it, you can effectively increase business volume and expand your margins, as you also reduce the uncertainties associated with financial and legal exposure in commodities trading.

Our enterprise platform drives profitability and efficiency across front, middle, and back offices, while managing the complex logistics associated with physical commodities, from source to market. Traders, risk managers and decision-makers benefit from our fully scalable, flexible solutions that are easy to integrate, deploy and modify.

Experience the unparalleled value, reduced financial and legal exposure, increased profitability and competitive advantage Allegro solutions, services, training and support can bring to your unique commodities business.

Allegro is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with offices worldwide in Calgary, Houston, London, Singapore, Sydney and Zurich.

Learn More About Allegro Solutions

Risk Management SolutionsRisk Management - Manage and mitigate risk, uncertainty and exposure associated with commodity trading, logistics and regulatory compliance.

Commodity Trading SolutionsCommodity Trading - Achieve higher margins and greater volumes through better position management, from contracts through trading and forecasting.

Physical Logistics SolutionsPhysical Logistics - Management of all physical commodities through the production, purchasing, processing, transporting and marketing functionsGain end-to-end visibility and control over complex commodity logistics, from scheduling through actual performance.

Regulatory Compliance solutionsRegulatory Compliance - Protect your operations from internal and external legal liabilities, through comprehensive, automated regulatory compliance.

Settlement SolutionsAccounting - Simplify settlement accounting, reporting, reconciliation and compliance across your entire commodity business.