Allegro Development Corporation

Barge Shipping Logistics Solution

Manages the scheduling, shipment and actualization of any single or multiple energy commodities that are moved by barge.

The movement of hydrocarbons by ship is a complex process that involves management of vessels and an array of documents, fees and regulations. The Allegro Barge component is a  unique solution that simplifies the process by helping manage events, documentation, fees and barges. The component allows users to manage each movement down to the individual barge.  Schedulers can view available product quantities at any location, and then match supply volume (including purchases, inventory and production) to market volume (including sales and consumption). In the same way, they can assign shipper IDs and create shipments for product movements, and also assign any necessary tariffs, fees and other third party costs.

Voyages may be tracked as they progress, with actual and estimated departure and arrival times. Schedule dates can be updated to reflect changes in the delivery of shipments, allowing the system to recalculate and update position data. The components perform actualization by allocating shipments back to each trade and the associated pricing. Allegro also captures detailed product quality data down to the individual shipment level allowing the price to be adjusted based on the actual qualities received or delivered.

Product movement data can include the full details of barge status, barge agents, inspectors, terminals, and product quality data. Users can view documents associated with the shipment stored in external systems such as bills of lading, notice of readiness or inspection reports directly from the component. The system calculates all applicable fees including discharge fees, loading fees, custom fees and taxes and also records all associated events that occur at the loading and discharge points. Schedules can be confirmed and changes of barge, load port, and disport are easily made. The system can capture multiple load and discharge event dates, which allows cargo pricing around bill of lading (BOL) or notice of readiness (NOR). Book outs are handled seamlessly, matching long and short positions for products.

Demurrage fee calculation is also fully supported by the system. Demurrage rates can be set by amount or rate for an entire shipment or for each location, and the system automatically calculates the demurrage costs for that shipment or location based upon captured event dates. Allegro gives users the ability to manage claims separate to the shipment so shipment can be actualized and settled while claim is being negotiated. Users may enter “free” hours either for an entire shipment or for each location to be used in that calculation. Valuation of the shipment may also be performed based on the best available data including trade price, demurrage, fees and other third party costs. With the powerful sorting and filtering available, users can easily view inventory, supply and market at each location, by mass or volume, and then make informed decisions or confirm transactions with each counter party.